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Killing open ports on OSX

To check if a port is open:
sudo lsof -i :8000
where 8000 is the port number
If the port is open, it should return a string containing the Process ID (PID).
Copy the PID and
kill -9 PID
If you need to see all the open ports, you can perform a Port Scan in the Network Utility application.


Windows and attacks //parsed from an email i wrote to a friend

No OS is secure and this kind of stuff can happen to any operating system although more prone to happen in Windows because most of these are targeted at Windows PC's. The reason why you'll have to completely wipe the data is that we don't know what kind of virus it is. We can only speculate. It can be a trojan, worm, spyware or rootkit which can be incredibly difficult to even detect. Running an anti-virus won't help. Assuming its a worm, it can sneak around the most type of anti-viruses and try to gain administrator access which it will get eventually. So at this point, the worm is basically a ninja because it binds itself secretly to the operating system. The chances of an antivirus software now even detecting it is NIL. The worm hides so well that it ran around the internet for an over a year without anyone even recognizing it even existed. Crazy, right? A well written malicious code then checks if it can get on the internet. Again, just speculating in your case. Always good to assume the worst and go from there. When it does, all your accounts are compromised because it can basically hijack any session. Also, the links to the servers it connects are encrypted. By gaining access to the internet, it proceeds to update to the latest version and bring along some other good friends. Windows security-wise is a bad operating system because it has so many bugs (most of which we are still not aware of) which can be easily exploited. This is why open-source always wins the battle because issues like these are quickly patched by hardcore fans all around the world and the fact that UNIX was built for servers and enterprises (linux being UNIX-like) with server grade security and on the other hand Windows, specifically catered towards consumers and customer grade experiences. Now that raises a question. Why can't Windows do that? I believe the linux kernels codebase is about 22 million lines of code +counting. Now, doing the same for Windows; making a secure operating system from scratch is not technically feasible for Microsoft. It's years of work. The operating system was evolved to be something we use today. Not just operating systems, but any hardware/software/technology/anything. If a worm can sneak past every known digital defense, and destroy a country's nuclear bomb program, all without getting caught. Trust me, it can easily fuck up any average user's system. This is real. It's called the stuxnet; one of the most sophisticated code ever written. Look it up. If you use the system carefully, this can all be prevented considering the fact that there won't be another stuxnet. So, everything basically depends on the gullibility of the user. Come to think of it, these viruses actually take advantage of the user and not the system. And also, most anti-virus companies are dickheads. I once read that one of the security companies created a virus that only their product could get detect and get rid of. Here's how you tackle the issue at hand. A Are you using a genuine copy of Windows? Then, there is some hope. Update Defender to the latest version and run a full scan. If it's unable to detect anything, proceed to B. If you are running a pirated version, follow the same. Pirated versions block some kind of data exchanges (which I'm not really sure of) between the official Windows servers and the pirated versions. They do this so that their servers won't be able to check if you are running a legit version which puts pirated users at a big disadvantage like missing some (not all) crucial patches, updates, and fixes. B 1. Use a Linux live USB to boot and copy only the necessary data to a separate disk. 2. Wipe the whole HDD. 3. Install Windows + add a drive + install any Linux distro on another 50gb (go for a full Ubuntu desktop but only if you have RAM to spare) 4. Use anti-virus and remember to keep it updated. I prefer Kaspersky. Something is better than nothing, right? I'm not sure about using a VirtualBox since you are running it in Windows (essentially sandboxing) which means it should require access to the Linux drive with the data and what does that mean? I'll leave it to your imagination. If you are using a Linux distro, it's good to be familiar with the command line interface because most of the components and drivers are installed thought this. Although this won't be necessary if you are going for a full Ubuntu desktop but still; you are never smarter for not knowing something. To be clear, I have nothing against Windows and its equally good as any other operating system for the average user. Just don't like Microsoft's Embrace, Extend and Extinguish policy. Their recent acquisition of GitHub is just another example. Besides, I might not be able to answer any of your queries/help you in the morning cause I won't be in my right mind. Most of the stuff I say won't make any sense (100% bullshit haha). If you want help, just drop me a message and I'll get back to you in the morning (1-5). This message is just proof that I have lots of time on my hands. Don't blindly believe everything I wrote. Some of it may be factually incorrect.


Why GTA is the most complex piece of software ever written and also a milestone of human progress

I am not exagerrating here. I believe it's codebase is the largest in existence. Think of this; GTA is an open-world game and no one can beat Rockstar on open-world. Period. I'm not saying its the perfect; it has many flaws but I'll give it a pass since its an open-world game. Rockstar's game designer would be the most observant people on Earth. Making an open world game is no easy task. You have to really understand how a world works, human behaviour, physics and all other kinds of stuff. To code a real world is an amazing feat and doesnt matter if its perfected or not. Our real world is not perfect. This reminds of the Simulation Hypothesis - by Nick Bostron; that we are moving closer to a world where the computational power would be unimaginable and capable of simulating races, weather, and all other factors that lead to an indistinguishable; life-like expeirence. It may seem impossible now; coding consciousness and emotion into a person. Westword depicts this really well. GTA is a start. Programming these interactions, weather, and Red Dead's new honor system; others behaviour towards on based on the choices YOU make. It really ties Arthur to the open world. It makes you feel like you are in the world because there is so much interaction going on that ties you to the world. Sure, there are other open-world games out there; but a game like RDR and GTA where the character (you) is so weaven to the storyline and world is the pinnacle.



I am a big follower of Mr. Feynman and I saw one of his talks where he explains the process of learning stuff. School teaches you these weird terms and processes; that you can only memorise but not really understand; atleast for me. But come to think of it, that works (in a way). People should know who invented the light bulb, the computer, etc. A teacher in our school used to relate some hard terminologies with some simple concepts so we could memorise better. That's memorising; not learning. When I try to learn something, I really try to understand the history first; go through all the mistakes that the person made when making something (if it's documented). Richard Feynman's method is the best. Learn, and try to teach it/explain it to a 10 year-old, atleast in your mind. If you can't make that person understand by using the most simple concepts; then you dont get it yourself. There was an ad, i think it was Parle-G which had the marketing tag "Curiosity is the best teacher" and I happily agree. That was a beautiful advertisement.



I have to write about Buckethead. I listen to him everyday and never get bored. He is a brilliant musician. People I know find it hard to appreciate his work and that makes me very sad. Apart from a brilliant musician, he is also one of the most kind hearted people in the world. I want to be like him one day and do you know what makes it easier? People say that is a waste of the person you are but you see "people", Buckethead is an idea. The idea of Buckethead is way beyond his mortal self. He is for the music. Buckethead has helped me through difficult and many not-so-happy moments and I amd 100% sure that I am not the only one Buckethead has truly helped. Anyone can be Buckethead; Buckethead doesn't wear a mask, we do. There is a difference between playing and making someone feel stuff and just playing. Everyone loves their parents and Buckethead can somhow channel his love for his parents through his music without even saying a single word. That is extremely difficult. Listening to buckethead and thinking about my parents makes me emotional. That's how powerful his music is. Very few people have the ability to make someone feel that. He is my favourite musician. He is kind, humble, fun, cool and everything I ever want to be. I hope you will cross paths with his music when you are feeling down. In short, I appreciate people who can appreciate Buckethead's work. College was one of the toughest times of my life. Not because the college or the people around me were bad. The problem was me. It took some time for me to realise that but Buckethead helped me get through it. You see unlike others, I dont face my problems I run away from them. Now I am in a place far away from college; still listening to Buckethead. Man, Buckethead is the absolute coolest. I hear people saying stuff like; man it's just mindless shred and where is the emotion? I get really annoyed when I hear this. Again, I get really sad hearing this. Please, understand that there is a difference between listetning and hearing. Buckethead has released over 400 albums. He is getting old like my own parents and I hate this fact more than anything. I would happily give my life for him because he has helped people more than I ever will. If he goes now, I won't be sad but happy for the fact that he has leaved us with so many great songs; songs you can cherish for the rest of your life. In the start, I found Buckethead really cool (still do) and I really thought that my peers would find him cool too. I started suggesting songs to all my friends but did not get the response I expected. People are not equal and don't think the same way. Buckethead also taught me many great lessons in life with his songs. When I listen to his songs, it makes me appreciate the little things in life; what many people are missing. I started to develop a more positive thinking; appreciate more; being grateful. Buckethead unlocked my mind. He showed me to live a better life; I started to see things more clearly. All we have are memories. It's just memory. Everything is memory. Fill yourself with good ones. Everyone will go through tough times too; but that all happens just to make a you better person. In my native lang, there is a saying which roughly translates to "you won't find anything interested about the flower in your garden". Buckethead helped me see past this. I know most of the what I am writing won't make any sense but remember, whatever happens in your life; take it as a lesson. It's only meant to make you a better person. Happy people are not those who have no weaknesses, but those who move with their strengths. I wish you a lifetime of fun and happiness and joy. I wish you happiness in whatever you do. I wish you only the best and nothing less.


A game like RCT

Chris Sawyer is a legendary game designer and programmer. The fact that he made the entire game (almost 99%) in pure assembly is brilliant. I enjoy playing the series a lot and I used to spend a lot of time building parks way back. It boosts your creative and managing skills. It's a brilliantly built game. It is for people who like/enjoy building stuff. It's a timeless experience. I understand that all games were written in assembly back in the days but come on, this is just one guy's work.


Blocking websites in your local system [OSX]

sudo nano /etc/hosts (make sure you are in the home directory);
your dnscache [sudo dscacheutil -flushcache]



Unreliable Information Cache